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Question and Answer with Simon

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I chose to do a postgraduate degree at Ulster because I wanted to be a Chartered Engineer.

At the time, the requirements were that you had to complete a Master's degree that was accredited by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

The course that I completed was, and that has now opened the opportunity of chartership for me.

How can postgraduate study fit around your busy life?

When I first came to the Ulster, I was employed full-time and the flexibility of Ulster's course, the part-time, really worked around my daily life structure while working full-time.

I was working within Northern Ireland, but I was travelling a lot and I wasn't always in class, but it was always easy to catch up.

Lecturers worked with me, always gave me the notes and resources needed outside of class, so it worked well for where I was at that point in my life.

How can postgraduate study help build your career?

My life has changed since starting postgraduate study as I'm now self-employed and have my own company.

What really helped me do this, was the research I conducted through my dissertation.

That enabled me to achieve funding through Invest NI and other opportunities.

What advice would you give to those considering postgraduate study?

I'd advise anyone considering postgraduate study at Ulster to just go for it.

The flexibility was great. I was able to work around all my work commitments, as well as the social commitments outside of work.

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Part-time Postgraduate

Year of entry: 2024/25

Belfast campus