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Question and Answer with Gavin

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

I knew the professors well from the Ulster Business School having spent time with most of them years previously.  I was always aware of the help from the universities disability support team and could work my study around my full- time work. I chose Ulster mainly due to my previous positive experiences and the Travel & Hospitality departments willingness to work with all levels of backgrounds.

If you are considering postgraduate study, 100% go for it. The experience is much more than just coming out with a formal qualification.  It allows you to be more in-depth in the area you wish to study, but still gives you the support needed if and when you require it. Ulster has such a long history of success in Travel and Tourism and is well respected and I feel for me, the less formal learning styles suited me.

How PG Study can fit around your busy life (Work/Life balance)

Ulster worked with me and allowed me to change from full time to a part time allowing me more time. This worked better for me as I could go much deeper and it suited my learning style and disability better.  I also participated much more in university life.

If you feel that PG can not fit into your busy life; I think you have to look at the bigger picture. Why do you want to do it? What is the main barrier? Is it funding, work, maybe time?  Once you have done this you can find opportunities to overcome the obstacles.

How Postgraduate study can help build your career

I secured many international roles since my PG and lived and worked overseas for some global travel brands.  I feel the postgraduate degree and has helped me grow and become more secure in myself and my skills in my field of expertise.

Besides the actual PG itself I think it helped me gain a lot more confidence in both myself, skills and ability; now having completed my studies and travelled the world, I can safely say I am much more happier and confident in life, partly due to my Postgraduate life experience.

It helped me gain access to higher levels of business people in my area of industry and in turn clients also. I feel it lifted me up into a more professional business level and I can’t thank Ulster University enough for this.