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Question and Answer with Gary

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

My motivation was to gain fulfilment from the gaining of new knowledge, new achievement to support and add to the life and work experience I had already gained. It was a big moment for me as no one in my family had ever been to university before me.

I visited one of the campuses and loved the energy, the vibe, the welcome and it felt like my new home.

If you are considering postgraduate study, I would say to you; be committed, be dedicated, be passionate about using the time you are investing in yourself.

You can’t get time back, make it count. Also remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint, you don’t have to win the race, but you do have to finish. Keep going.

How can postgraduate study  fit around your busy life?

I worked my studies around being a husband and father, I planned my week in advance, committed to the times I had to be on campus and blocked certain times out in my weekly calendar to focus on study. It’s easier to do when you are fully committed.

Of course my life has changed since beginning my studies. I have grown as husband, father and I am now a grandfather at only 45 years of age! I now have my own business that has turned over 6 figures during a pandemic and we continue to grow.

If you feel you can’t fit study into your busy life, you can. Ask yourselves how much you need this, how much do you want it and connect with your purpose. If you desire something enough you will do it, you will find a way. Time isn’t an excuse for me.

How can postgraduate study help build your career?

I’m living my future ambitions right now. I own an empowerment platform, Think Network which includes Public Speaking courses, helping people find their powerful voice and developing this right through to giving them a platform.

I am going to continue growing this globally, serving the world and helping make it a better place through supporting others to be the best versions of themselves.  PG study certainly gave me the rationale and underpinning knowledge behind some of the everyday business practices I conduct today.

I have gained communication skills and the ability to articulate clearly, concisely, and professionally. My ability to influence others and really step into that thought leading space I am in now, was born from my time in PG study. I have kept in touch with many people from my time at Ulster University, with both colleagues and lecturers alike.

Being part of the Ulster University Alumni is very special indeed.