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Gary Doherty

Gary Doherty, MSc Management graduate.

Jena Archer

Jena Archer, MSc Global Strategy in Environmental Health and Sustainability graduate.

Marsia Bealby

Marsia Bealby, MSc International Business graduate.

Julia Nikolaus

Julia Nikolaus, MSc Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems graduate.

Beverley McCormick

Beverley McCormick, MSc Education with Specialisms graduate.

Gavin Andrews

Gavin Andrews, MSc Events Management graduate.

Linda Fettus

Linda Fettus, MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine graduate.

Paula Kerr

Paula Kerr, MSc Restorative Practices.

Alan Dowey

Alan Dowey describes life at Ulster University.

Seamus Power

Seamus Power, MSc Health Psychology graduate.

Emma Hughes

Emma Hughes describes life at Ulster University and how gaining further skills in service improvement has helped her to start her own business.

Simon McGavigan

Simon McGavigan describes life at Ulster University and how postgraduate study has helped him develop further within his career.