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In addition to the core partners, SPIRE 2 will convene a stakeholder group of the local (or regional) energy industry and businesses to develop a mutual support agreement / relationship and generate knowledgeable intelligence around the project to guide informed and sustainable pathways.

This will provide an effective two-way communication channel and generate stakeholder engagement and strong brand positioning for the project which are vital in addressing growing knowledge gaps around  energy storage in the region.

This stakeholder engagement process will provide leverage for the integration of energy storage into energy planning and revised business models in relation to new market structures.

Effective public and stakeholder engagement is fundamental principle of SPIRE 2 and the formation of a stakeholder group will offer many broader benefits:

  • A better understanding of the role of energy storage in changing market structures
  • A vehicle for interested parties to present their views and have control over practice and strategies that might affect them in the future
  • Enhance the trust between research, industry and government stakeholders
  • To provide for open and informed dialogue on the new innovative business models that are emerging as the demand for energy storage systems is increasing

The Stakeholder group will be drawn from:

  • Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council
  • Community Energy Scotland
  • B9 Energy Group, B9 Energy Storage Ltd,
  • Glen Dimplex, GDC Group Limited
  • Climote
  • AES Kilroot Power Ltd, AES EMEA Energy Storage
  • Energia, Trading and Regulation
  • ESB Innovation
  • PayPal
  • Ulster Farmers Union
  • The Authentic Food Company