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The project will evaluate, develop and facilitate the wide-scale deployment of MES technologies to operate profitably in new market structures of UK and Ireland. The project objectives are designed to create a deeper understanding of the role and commercial viability of mass energy storage (MES) in enabling increasing levels of intermittent renewable power generation.

Market Modelling

Develop computer simulation packages to allow advanced modelling of the new electricity markets in GB and Ireland. Use simulations to guide investment decisions for MES; inform system/network operators, energy retailers and government departments on potential for MES; and quantify how MES could benefit the region as a whole

Technology Development

Optimise existing energy storage technologies for new electricity markets; develop new technologies to achieve greater market penetration.

Whole-life VRE Performance

Quantify the decline in performance of VRE generators in harsh environmental conditions over their full lifetime; develop whole-life energy storage sizing solutions to align with real-world performance.

MES Integration

Identify and evaluate a range of approaches to integrate MES into industry, communities, rural businesses and homes.

Standards Development

Propose / develop standards for MES; use these to inform policy/strategy for wide-scale MES deployment

Dissemination and Commercialisation

This will be achieved through a Communications Plan. Create education and research pathways to commercialise technologies and generate new businesses; facilitate economic growth through a supply of highly-educated developers able to transform research ideas into commercial reality.