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The project’s core delivery partners are Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, Strathclyde University, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Arbarr Group and Sunamp Ltd.

The stakeholder partners are Glen Dimplex Ltd, AES Kilroot Power Ltd, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Community Energy Scotland, B9 Energy Group, Climote, SSE plc, Energia, ESB Innovation, PayPal, Ulster Farmers Union and The Authentic Food Company.

The remaining associate industrial partners are drawn from electricity generators and retailers, technology companies, industrial consumers, local authorities, community energy scheme providers, rural businesses and domestic energy users.

Northern Ireland Partners
Ulster University Core Leading on project management and aspects of electricity market modelling, thermal energy storage and demand side management.
Queen’s University Belfast Core Leading on electricity storage and power networks.
Arbarr Group Core Expertise in development of battery controllers for small scale generators connecting to the network.
Glen Dimplex Stakeholder  
B9 Energy Group Stakeholder  
Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council Stakeholder  
AES Energy Storage Stakeholder  
Ulster Farmers' Union Stakeholder  
Energia Stakeholder  
Republic of Ireland Partners
Dundalk Institute of Technology Core Leading on energy storage deployment when associated with variable renewable energy.
Climote Stakeholder  
ESB Stakeholder  
PayPal Stakeholder  
The Authentic Food Company Stakeholder  
Scotland Partners
Strathclyde University Core Leading on life-cycle assessment of renewable energy in maritime climates.
Sunamp Ltd Core Expertise in thermal storage solutions based on phase change materials.
SSE Stakeholder  
Community Energy Scotland Stakeholder