Computer Science Research Centres and Groups

Internationally excellent and world-leading research within our four highly active research groups and centres.

The Computer Science Research Institute) conducts internationally excellent and world-leading research in intelligent systems, assistive technologies, next generation networks, and semantic analytics, within our four highly active research groups and centres.

Our research centres and groups

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Intelligent Systems Research Centre

A state-of-the-art research environment established in 2007 with an extensive array of leading-edge robotic devices.

Cognitive Analytics Research Lab (CARL)

A cutting edge cognitive analytics research centre bringing together businesses, government and advanced research expertise.

Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Focusing on Knowledge and Data Engineering including machine intelligence; semantic analytics; machine learning; temporal reasoning; probability; intelligent decision support and information retrieval.

Information and Communications Engineering

Research in Information & Communication Engineering is focused on knowledge and data engineering, telecommunications network management, cloud computing, image processing and computer vision, healthcare systems modelling and games development.

Pervasive Computing

Focusing on multi-disciplinary and collaborative research in sensor-based technologies, and applications in behavioural analysis, activity recognition, and assistive technologies for healthcare and independent living.