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“The Faculty are delighted with the strong Ulster University REF2021 performance in Unit of Assessment 11 - Computer Science and Informatics. As the 6th largest submission in the UK in terms of staff with significant responsibility for research and the only one from Northern Ireland, we are now ranked 9th overall for research power in this subject area.

This coupled with our inclusion in a group of institutions who are ranked joint first in the UK for having attained a 100% 4*/3* rating in both the quality of the impact from their research and the research environment, is a testament to our returning all eligible staff from the Schools of Computing and Computing, Engineering and Intelligent systems who have actively contributed to this success.”

Professor Brian J. Meenan

Associate Dean R&I

All of the above is in the context of a unit that has grown over 75% from ~40 staff to ~70 staff since REF2014.

People Involved

“Computer Science and Informatics at Ulster, the only Computer Science and Informatics unit in Northern Ireland, goes from strength to strength.

We are the 6th largest Computer Science and Informatics unit in the UK having 100% of our research impact assessed as outstanding or very considerable, 100% of our research environment rated world-leading or internationally excellent, and ranking 7th in the UK out of 90 for the level of world-leading or internationally excellent research and impact for the number of staff returned.”

Professor Liam McDaid & Professor Luke Chen

Research Outputs