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Rare diseases are those that affect around 110,000 people in Northern Ireland.

With 1 in 17 individuals impacted by a rare condition, and hence have a large impact on local communities.

At Ulster University, we work with the Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership with the vision that no one is disadvantaged because of the rarity of their condition.

Excellence in research

We bring excellence in research and ground-breaking opportunities right to the heart of the rare disease community.

Our research groups across the university are combining their expertise to form an alliance against Rare Diseases (Ulster-RARE).

Ulster-RARE carry out a range of research covering:

  • the genetics of rare diseases
  • the cellular mechanisms
  • the environmental causes that are potentially modifiable
  • the natural history and treatment of rare diseases.

Rare Diseases Teaching Harmonisation Program

To raise awareness on Rare Diseases among future researchers and medical staff across Ireland, we also actively participate to the Rare Diseases Teaching Harmonisation Program.