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Learn More @UU

Learning is the essence of who we are as an organisation, and it important we place as much emphasis on our own learning and development, to promote a continuous growth and improvement culture.  The need for us to continuously learn and upskill is more important than ever before. Continuous learning is essential to keep up to date with a changing environment and ways of working.

We will support a culture of learning through both formal and informal learning using the 70:20:10 approach. This will provide you with a mix of learning options, including, workshop events both in person and online, self-led learning including videos, toolkits, learning blogs etc. The video below provides you with an overview of this approach to organisation learning. This approach will put you in control to drive your own personal development.

The People Development team are here to support your leaning needs and offer you opportunities to learn and develop under the umbrella of ‘Learn More @ UU’.  We have organised the learning available into the following categories, which you explore and select the options best suited for you.

Registration for all learning events will be completed through LEARN (Ulster University Learning Management System). This will ensure you receive reminder notifications and that the event will be recorded on your learning history.

N.B. Before registering for any learning event, you should discuss with your line manager to ensure the course is right for you and that they can accommodate your attendance.

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Leading and Managing @UU

At Ulster our BRAVE leadership culture framework outlines the foundations and expectations of leading across all levels from self through to leading the organisation.

Induction @ UU

Your employee experience starts here. Welcome to Ulster University. It is fantastic to have you as a new member of our team.

Learning For All

In this section you will find learning options available for all colleagues.