People within NIBEC

The team of 88 researchers (including PhD researchers) have been lead by Professor James McLaughlin since 2001.

The team of 88 researchers (including PhD researchers) have been lead by Professor James McLaughlin since 2001 which has afforded great stability and the ability to plan for long term strategic projects which generate internationally significant research and far reaching real world impact.

These have helped NIBEC to be come an important hub for a range of research topics which utilise its considerable expertise and capabilities.

Academic Staff

Professor James McLaughlin

Head of School of Engineering

School of Engineering

Areas of expertise Nanotechnology, point of care diagnostics, integrated algorithm based solutions, sensor & IOT technology, Digital Healthcare Technology, Innovation.

Professor Omar Escalona

Professor & Director of the Advanced Cardiovascular Research Centre

School of Engineering

Professor Dewar Finlay

Associate Dean (Research & Impact)

Dean's Office (Comp, Eng & Be)

Professor Paul Maguire

Professor of Plasmas and Nanofabrication

School of Engineering

Professor Davide Mariotti

Professor of Plasma Science & Nanoscale Engineering

School of Engineering

Project Team  Leaders

David Branagh

Centre Director - NI Connected Health Innovation Competence Centre

School of Engineering

Research Staff

Dr Jonathan Acheson

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

School of Engineering

Dr Santosh Bikkarolla

Research Associate in Microfluidic Device

School of Engineering

Dr Sam Fishlock

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

School of Engineering

Dr Abhijit Ganguly

Research Associate - Advanced oxide and carbon materials

School of Engineering

Dr Atta Haq

Research Associate - Emergent Nanomaterials

School of Engineering

Dr Shahzad Hussain

Research Associate - Surface Science

School of Engineering

Dr Min Jing

Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, ECME

School of Engineering

Dr Gennady Lubarsky

CHIC Research Fellow (Electronic & Computing Engineering)

School of Engineering

Dr Helen Lubarsky

Research Associate - Water Treatment

School of Engineering

Dr Harold McQuaid

Research Associate - Plasmas & Microfabrication

School of Engineering

Dr Sara McNamee

Research Associate in Biosensing Technologies

School of Engineering

Dr Srinivasu Puttaswamy

Research Fellow - Microfluidic Engineer

School of Engineering

Administrative / Technical

Ann Blair

Project Officer

Coleraine School of Engineering

Damien McDonald

Technical Services Engineer (Electronics & Computing)

Coleraine School of Engineering

Brian McGrath

Engineering Facilities Co-ordinator

Coleraine School of Engineering

Andrew Toye

Widening Access & Participation Officer

Belfast Director's Office