About Mind Your Mood

The majority of mental health issues develop by age 25, therefore students at university are amongst some of the most susceptible.

At Ulster University, we recognise the pressures faced by students in higher education and aim to help students to better manage their mental wellbeing.

Staff, students and graduates come together to raise funds for our Mind Your Mood programme, a dedicated initiative – set up and run by Ulster students for Ulster students.

Our students, staff, alumni and friends participate in a number of regular fundraising initiatives including races and marathons, cycles, coffee mornings, football tournaments and much more.

Mind Your Mood, managed by Student Support, is an innovative initiative which aims to raise awareness of mental health and provide interventions at the earliest stage of the development of mental illness.

What we deliver

  • Interactive workshops
  • Mindfulness training
  • Ambassador programme
  • Resilience sessions
  • Laughing yoga
  • Mental health first aid sessions
  • Suicide prevention training

Programme outcomes

  • Raised awareness of mental health issues
  • Improved management of mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Students feel supported through periods of stress or anxiety
  • Students feel empowered to take control of their own mental health and the mental wellbeing of others
  • Reduced stigma around the subject of mental health

Mindfulness for all – an integrated approach

It is widely known that men are more susceptible to stigma when it comes to accessing support for mental health.

The Mind Your Mood team recognised this and ran a trial programme with the Ulster University men’s GAA team, with money raised from fundraising events.

Working in partnership with Ulster’s Gaelic Games Development Co-Ordinator, we embedded the initiative as part of the team’s regular training sessions. The programme was tailored to deliver key tools for maintaining positive mental health for life.

This trial demonstrates how the Mind Your Mood message can be delivered flexibly to students outside of just an academic setting.

“It was a very beneficial programme that the students valued greatly. It was delivered in an interactive and a unique way to students who may otherwise  have been apprehensive about discussing the subject of mental health.”
Paul Rouse, Gaelic Games Development Co-Ordinator