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A unique part-time course developed for the dynamic, growing FinTech sector.

This programme was designed to produce industry-focused graduates, with an in-depth knowledge of core finance and technology principles and a strong practical understanding of how theory informs professional practice.

The BSc Hons Financial Technology offers an equal focus on finance and technology through extensive use of work-based learning and practical application, aligning to the growing needs of the FinTech sector.

Danielle McWall, Head of the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics stated

We, in the Department, are delighted to be in a position to offer such an exciting and highly innovative programme. We have co-created this with the FinTech industry and key employers to ensure that the programme meets employer needs and in doing so, ensures graduates of the BSc Hons Financial Technology have work-ready skills and competencies needed for a fulfilling and rewarding career in this sector.

Claire McCann Course Director and Lecturer in Finance at the Ulster University Business School added

We developed the BSc Hons Financial Technology to complement our existing and evolving portfolio of programmes which includes our recently launched PGC Global Capital Markets (Financial Risk Management). The BSc Hons Financial Technology is an exciting opportunity for school leavers and employers, offering a chance to obtain an undergraduate degree on a Higher-Level Apprenticeship programme. These 2 programmes give school leavers and graduates an opportunity to build on their skills in an exciting and evolving financial services sector.

Both these programmes have many benefits for both employers and students including: encouraging a direct talent pipeline for employers by providing school leavers and graduates with an important professional development opportunity, while taking the first steps in their future career.

Students have the opportunity to gain a valuable degree or postgraduate qualification whilst at the same time working in the Financial Services and FinTech sector. They will develop a broad skillset which will enhance their opportunities in their future professional career.