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What is Bloomberg?

The Bloomberg Professional service brings together real-time data on every market, unparalleled news and research and powerful analytics.  Most large financial firms have subscriptions to the Bloomberg Professional service.

The service's Bloomberg for Education facility brings the pace and excitement of real business and macro-econometrics into the classroom. Students gain hands-on experience using the same information and technology relied on by financial professionals all over the world, to help gain an edge in a competitive job market.

What are the benefits to our students?

The Bloomberg Professional service helps enhance research practices and improve analysis of data and market-moving events, and is suitable for students from a wide range of disciplines, such as accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing.

Students have access to the same information as leading decision-makers in finance, accounting, business and government through the Professional Bloomberg software, bringing the real-world of economics and finance into the classroom. Students can deepen their research, and strengthen their knowledge of the analysis of financial markets, assessment of economic scenarios and interpretation of key news developments that impact the global economy.  The skills students acquire from this experience provide them with the confidence and advantage they need to compete in a global job market.

All students can take advantage of free Bloomberg training, giving access to live financial and business data used by leading accountants, managers and marketers worldwide. Bloomberg for Education provides additional resources to prepare students for the global job market through its Bloomberg Market Concepts e-learning program. This program gives students a recruiting edge through a certificate of completion and the teaching of practical know-how to help students prepare for interviews.

How is it used within our courses?

Students benefit from integrating theory with real-world practice. The CME Group Foundation Financial Innovation Laboratory is incorporated into undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and other courses, through induction sessions, workshop, seminars and integration into coursework through research projects.

What our students say

  • "Enables me to build a portfolio like a portfolio manager."
  • "Add to CV."
  • "Helps me to prepare my coursework in a deeper and more convenient way."
  • "Through Excel, data can be downloaded quickly.  Information for major markets is profound."
  • "Helps me to have more knowledge about my subject."
  • "It shows a professional view about the data of companies, financial world and financial markets."
  • "It has made gathering information for coursework easier."
  • "Useful for future career."
  • "It enabled me to learn and develop a new skill."
  • "Very handy for assignments and to get Bloomberg certificates."

School Visits

If you are a teacher who is interested in bringing your class to visit the Financial Innovation Laboratory, where your students will be able to investigate the financial markets, analyse major companies, explore the global economy and learn about Ulster University Business School and career opportunities, then contact