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Statistics Summer School

Research Methods and Statistics Summer School

Ulster University, Coleraine Campus: 20th-31st August 2018 

The School of Psychology at Ulster University is hosting a Research Methods and Statistics Summer School for the Behavioural and Social Sciences.

The Summer School runs over a two-week period and comprises five short courses. Each short course will include lecture and workshop components to facilitate a conceptual understanding and to provide hands-on experience of data analysis using standard software.

These short courses are designed both for participants interested in developing basic research and analytic skills and those wanting to gain more advanced statistical and analytic knowledge.

Course instructors are experienced academics with substantial expertise in quantitative research methods.

Structure and Content

The Summer School allows attendees to select a short-course best suited to their current analytic requirements, while at the same time offering the opportunity to expand and build their expertise by taking a series of linked short-courses.

For example, a participant can learn about regression and factor analysis models, prior to taking the more advanced short-course on latent variable modelling.

For the extremely keen novice researcher, it is possible to take all five short-courses to cumulatively build their research and statistics skills over the two weeks.

To get the most out of the Summer School, participants are encouraged to consider the content of each short-course closely and to decide if they have the requisite background knowledge.

To help inform your short-course selection, instructors have provided a description of the short-course and a list of desired prerequisites.

Each short-course will also provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss their own data and be offered advice on appropriate forms of analysis.

Attendees will also be provided with a take-home memory stick containing the learning materials used during the short-course.

Information on Short Courses

Week 1 (20-24 August 2018)

Short course one - Descriptive & Inferential Statistics in SPSS
Dates: Monday 20th- Tuesday 21st August 2018
Course Instructor: Dr James Houston

Short course two - General Linear Model with applications to ANOVA, Regression Analysis and Factor Analysis
Dates: Wednesday 22nd - Friday 24th August 2018
Course Instructors: Dr John Mallett, Dr Jamie Murphy and Professor Gary Adamson

Week 2 (27-31 August 2018)

Short course three - An Introduction to Latent Variable Modelling
Dates: Monday 27th– Tuesday 28th August 2018
Course Instructor: Professor Mark Shevlin

Short course four - An introduction to Latent Class Analysis using Mplus
Date: Wednesday 29th August 2018
Course Instructor: Dr Orla McBride

Short course five - Analysing Longitudinal Data: Using Latent Variable Models to Assess Change
Dates: Thursday 30th - Friday 31st August 2018
Course Instructor: Professor Gary Adamson

If you require any additional information, please contact Dr Orla McBride using the contact details below.

Accreditation - New for 2018

Summer School attendees now have two options for accredited continuing professional development (CPD) available to them linked to the short course content:

The PgCert is delivered via blended learning on a full-time or part-time basis, allowing students to continue their studies online after the Summer School.

If you require any additional information, please contact Dr Orla McBride using the contact details below.

Course Instructors

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact Dr Orla McBride.