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The Health Psychology in Public Health Network (HPPHN) is a national organisation that brings together professionals with an interest in behavioural science and public health.

The mission of the HPPHN is to provide a forum for health psychologists and public health specialists interested in the promotion and practice of health psychology to increase synthesis between health psychology and public health.

Its overarching aim is to contribute to the scientific study of psychological processes in health, illness and health care, and to utilize the evolving evidence base in promoting and maintaining health, enhancing the delivery of health care, sharing knowledge and best practice, and preventing or reducing illness and disability and its impact on individuals, families and communities.

This event will provide an overview of the HPPHN presented by the inaugural and past chair, Professor Jim McManus and the current chair, Dr Angel Chater, and followed by an open discussion on the potential for the network in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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This event has ended

Thursday 31 May

5pm to 7pm