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Work Experience Skills Builder (Part-Time Job)

You will gain these graduate attribute skills:

Responsible Team Player Responsible Team Player

Effective Communicator Effective Communicator

Personal Confidence & Resilience Personal Confidence & Resilience

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Get EDGE Award accreditation for your Part time job by learning about the skills you are developing and the evidence you are creating that will support your future job applications and interviews.

Outline of Activity

Identify examples of transferable skills gained through practical and interpersonal learning opportunities in work/volunteering. Also support the articulation and review of evidence against key employability skills.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Demonstrate understanding of an industrial, community or voluntary sector.
  • Describe their own role within the organisational structure

Intellectual Qualities

  • Reflect on their experiences and assimilate information in relation to the development of their transferable skills.

Professional/ Practical Skills

  • Recognise opportunities to develop employability skills within the context of the period of experience.
  • Assess progress against skills development.
  • Improve own learning and performance.

Transferable Skills

  • Evidence communication skills.
  • Evidence problem solving skills.
  • Cite examples of working within a team.
  • Evidence of organisational, flexibility and or leadership skills.
  • Evidence of a high standard of service delivery and or customer care.

Assessment Details

Register for this activity

  • A reflective journal containing minimum of 3 entries (Approximately 200 words each)
  • A visual poster (containing four image and two text boxes, maximum 100 words each)
  • Representing and summarising the overall experience.

Once you register for this activity you will be given access to a Blackboard Learn area for this activity and you will complete and submit your activity through that area.

If you have any questions please email Brian Byers b.byers@ulster.ac.uk

Level of Commitment


Brian Byers

Student & Graduate Opportunities Manager

Student and Graduate Opportunities Team



Graduate Attributes

Responsible Team Player image

Responsible Team Player

A student who displays this skill can:

  • be a reliable, empathetic and empowering team contributor
  • be open to positive and constructive feedback
  • consistently deliver and exceed on all expectations in a reliable and honest manner
  • be accountable and reliable (responsible)
Effective Communicator image

Effective Communicator

A student who displays this skill can:

  • show effective spoken and written communication skills in multiple forms and with a range of audiences
  • help resolve conflicts which may arise in a group dynamic
  • be an assertive and active listener
Personal Confidence & Resilience image

Personal Confidence & Resilience

A student who displays this skill can:

  • understand individual emotions and triggers
  • manage stress and stay composed in difficult situations
  • be resilient, adaptable and flexible when dealing with change or uncertainty