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3 great reasons for getting involved in the EDGE Award

  • Filling the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future

    We all have our own individual career journey's but all of them will require development. Whether that is developing a flexible career plan, enhancing your skills or boosting your confidence all of these things require actions and experiences and EDGE offers you the opportunity to develop your own personalised development journey.

  • The pace of change requires a commitment to self development

    You will know that the world changes quickly but that means that the demand on employee's in professional level jobs also change on an ongoing basis. This means that you need to be committed to your ongoing skills development and EDGE is the best place to start or continue that journey.

  • EDGE will help you develop purpose, clarity and motivation in your career progression

    You might think you need to figure out a very defined career goal but that is not the case. You need to develop a curiosity and motivation that will help you better understand your options and what you need to be successful. EDGE gives you the opportunity to explore networks, experiences and provides the support to help you 'own' your career journey.

    Whilst your degree experience is the primary experience for developing the specialist subject-specific knowledge and skills that will help you prepare for the workplace, to truly prepare for the workplace of the future, you need to engage in a wide range of activities that will help you develop a diverse skillset that will help you thrive in an ever changing world.

    The Ulster EDGE Award provides you with a range of extra curricular activities that will help you develop your own personal EDGE Award experience. Employability & Careers can support you to identify the EDGE activities best suited to your development needs and career goals.

Listen to some of our current student's talk about their EDGE Award experience.

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