Reserved Parking

Car park reserved spaces information at Ulster University.

A small number of reserved car parking spaces are available primarily for guests/visitors at each campus.

These spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Users of these reserved car parks will still have to take a ticket at campus entrances and either pay the tariff at the Pay-on-Foot station or have their ticket validated by their host.

Reserved spaces for visitors or staff can only be requested using Car Park Reservations. Spaces should ideally be requested at least 3 working days in advance of when they are required and NO later than 1 working day.

Only travelling members of staff are entitled to reserve car parking for their own use.

An E-ticket will be issued to the individual making the reservation, within 48 hours of the request being accepted.  This ticket allows access into the reserved parking area and should be passed on to the person using the car park.

Parking charges still apply to reserved parking, with the exception of Belfast.

Owing to the limited spaces set aside for reserved parking the upper limit that can be reserved for any single event/day is as follows:

Car park spaces
Belfast 3
Coleraine 19
Jordanstown 37
Magee 14

See changes above to maximum number of spaces which can be reserved for any single event/day per campus.

Remote Validators

Senior Officers, Faculties and Departments who have frequent visitors and who wish to bear the costs of their guests have the option of purchasing and using a remote validator.

Tickets should be validated for guests only and should never be validated for University staff or students. Anyone persisting in this practice will be subject to the University's disciplinary procedures.

Each car park remote validator owner must maintain a list of all transactions validated, including the staff member requesting the validation and the name of the guest, including their organisation details.

The host will instruct their guest to take a ticket at the entry barrier as any other guest/occasional user, but rather than going to a Pay-on-Foot station before returning to their vehicle, the host swipes their guests ticket through the remote validator and this enables the visitor to present this ticket at the exit barrier and leave the campus free of charge (providing it is within the 30 minute 'grace' period).

The system recognises the ticket has been validated by a particular validator, calculates the amount due (based on entry and exit times held on the ticket) and this amount will be deducted from the host's account/cost centre.

Remote validators are available by completing the Remote Ticket Validator Request Form, and returning to the Car Park and Traffic Management Office, at the initial cost of £750.00 each, with running costs then being deducted when used from the appropriate cost centre.

Note: Remote validators can only be issued following approval by the relevant Senior Officer and the Assistant Chief Finance and Information Officer. Holders of ticket validators must accept liability for all costs incurred by their remote validator.

Conference and Events

For Conferences/events, prior arrangement should ideally be made with the Car Park and Traffic Management Office unless the sponsors/organisers do not require any reserved parking or do not wish to provide complimentary delegate parking. Car Park and Traffic Management will supply options/details of parking arrangements, passes and charges relating to conferences/events.

Three types of conferences/events are foreseen:

  1. Conferences and events where the sponsors/organisers are happy for delegates/visitors to pay the hourly/daily rates.

    Drivers will take a ticket on entry, pay the tariff at a Pay-on-Foot station, and present the ticket on exit.
  2. Conferences/events where the short duration (i.e. part or single day event where the attendee will remain on campus for the entire duration of the event) enables the sponsors to credit delegates/visitors tickets at registration or prior to departure using a remote validator.

    Drivers will take a ticket on entry, have their ticket validated by the sponsor on registration/departure and present the sponsor's validated ticket on exit.
  3. Conferences/events that are of long duration (i.e. more than one day or where the attendee may/will exit and return to the campus during the duration of the conference/event).

    The sponsor in this situation should request pre-programmed tickets from the Car Park and Traffic Management Office for prior issue to delegates who will be travelling by car.

    Drivers will insert their pre-issued ticket on arrival and retain their ticket for the duration of the event. The cost of parking will be charged at a fixed rate for the duration. 

    If multiple entry/exit tickets are required please contact the Car Park and Traffic Management Office.

Where pre-issue tickets are required the Advance Issue Complimentary Ticket Form should be completed and scanned to the Car Park email. ( A minimum of 3 working days before the tickets are required for issue to delegates. The sponsor's cost code will then be debited by the relevant amounts.

Hired Cars

When users of hired cars collect the vehicle keys from reception/security they will be given a "one shot" ticket, which will allow free exit when presented at the exit barrier. Existing Permit Holders may use their personal permit instead, if they are leaving their own vehicle on campus.

On return to campus the driver of the hire car will take a daily ticket (unless they have previously used their personal permit) to enable them to access the campus and this ticket must be returned to reception/security when leaving back the vehicle keys.

Failure by users of hire cars to comply with these instructions will result in the charge for car parking for the hire car for the full duration of the time between first arrival and departure being charged to the users cost code.