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About the Project

This research, evidence-gathering and information-sharing project is designed to build capacity and be a resource to support local women's organisations in Northern Ireland to use international human rights and gender equality instruments to add value to their work.

The TJI is using its research and expertise to identify and share timely international developments on a broad swathe of women’s rights issues (health, violence, poverty, peacebuilding, political participation, rural women, etc) with the local women’s sector and to build capacity in using international instruments to hold local policymakers to account.

One aspect of the project is the collation of testimonials from diverse actors across the Northern Ireland women’s sector, discussing how they use international human rights and gender equality instruments in their work.

This Spotlight Series includes testimonials from Emma Osbourne of the Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation, Kendall Bouquet of the Migrant Rights Centre and Helen Flynn of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Consortium.