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About the Project

Project Funders

  • HEA North-South Funding call

Funding Amount

  • € 197K

About the Project


CEAB includes women with a range of cross-cutting identities in discussions about a shared island.  As such, the project challenges de-gendered approaches to the ideal of a shared island. It frames women, in all their diversity, as important yet, often marginalised, stakeholders in Ireland's future.

It combines social theory, qualitative research methods and creative arts methodologies to provide discursive arenas for women to speak, explore and consider constitutional issues.

The project’s inter-disciplinary approach will open cross-community, cross-border and co-created spaces to enable women to develop and share critical, multi-layered and diverse epistemologies, on the gender implications of shifts in constitutional arrangements and/or relationships on the island of Ireland. CEAB will disseminate these methods so that they can be adapted and reused at the local level by grassroot groups.


  • Fidelma Ashe (UU Lead)
  • Nuala Finnegan (UCC Lead)