Accountability for British War Crimes in Iraq? Examining the Nexus between International and National Justice Responses

Contact: Dr Thomas Obel Hansen
Funder: British Academy

Thomas, in collaboration with Dr Mark Kersten (University of Toronto) will examine accountability processes relating to alleged British war crimes in Iraq in order to identify the inter-relationship and synergies between justice processes at the international and national levels. In doing so, the project aims at enhancing the understanding of how the International Criminal Court (ICC)'s complementarity regime, wherein the ICC works to complement national jurisdictions rather than displace them, functions. It also seeks to assess to what extent the political power of a major State impacts the pursuit of justice for serious crimes under international
law, alleged to have been committed under its flag. This represents the first time that a research project of this nature has engaged both national and international decision-makers to identify and examine the strategies adopted to influence and manage an accountability process involving a major international power that is also a party to the ICC’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute — i.e. the United Kingdom.