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The University has Partnership Managers who are the identified link between the University and partner institutions.

They are responsible for providing a focus for the development, monitoring and enhancement of collaborative arrangements at Faculty level taking account of University and Faculty strategic priorities.

They also act as the primary point of contact for courses within their remit and resolve problems within the Faculty's collaborative provision in liaison with partner institutions.

Where appropriate they will engage with central departments and co-ordinate subject specific advice from other Faculty staff.

Partnership Managers





Arts Humanities & Social Science

  • Dr Paula Brogan
  • Michael Davidson
  • 028 90366957
  • 028 90368445

Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment

  • Maeve Paris
  • 028 71675212

Biomedical and Environmental Sciences

  • Jerome Marley
  • Dr Mary McCann
  • 028 90366520
  • 028 70123969

Ulster University Business School

  • Carol Reid
  • 028 90368309

Contact Information

Useful documentation for Partnership Managers