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Ulster University has been researching medical technologies since 1990 and has been growing its capability in this area and since then it has been involved in many large scale multi disciplinary projects.

NIBEC is uniquely placed to effectively carry research and development in the exciting and rapidly changing world of connected devices and medical engineering.

The Centre leverages expertise in artificial intelligence, the design of connected devices, advanced materials and advanced prototyping to keep it at the forefront of the forthcoming medical revolution.

Much of the focus is on connected health and the opportunities created by the measurement and utilisation of health data to improve patient outcomes.

Currently NIBEC is leading 4 key strategic projects related to this theme.

Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC)

Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) which is led by business and focussed on the area of connected health.

It has continuously over 20 researchers, over 30 industry members and a wide range of successfully completed projects.

CHIC seeks to lead transformational research which aligns care needs with technology providers, researchers and clinical experience.

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Eastern Corridor Medical Engineering Centre (ECME)

Eastern Corridor Medical Engineering Centre (ECME) is a collaborative research doctoral training centre focusing on improving cardiovascular health and creating PhD leaders of the future in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland.

It is a partnership between 5 leading academic research centres and Southern Health & Social Care Trust.

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Rapid Prototyping Bio Devices Lab

Rapid Prototyping Bio Devices Lab is a state of the art laboratory to assist manufacturing companies who wish to develop new products.

It is a collaborative space which brings together expert researchers, industry professionals and end users and combines this with advanced prototyping technologies.

This can considerably reduce the products time to market.

The Centre for Advances Cardiovascular Research (CACR)

The Centre for Advances Cardiovascular Research (CACR) carries out pioneering research in the field of medical devices which are used in a critical cardiac care setting.

The centre uses a clinical led approach and focuses on the identification of clinical need with an emphasis on medical instrumentation through to clinical trials.

It is managed by a team from Ulster University, Royal Victoria Hospital and Craigavon Hospital.