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The development of photo-catalysis research at NIBEC has grown from work carried out developing nanomaterials which have application in the cleantech sector.

Previously research has been carried out on fuel cells, photovoltaics, water purification, solar driven hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and solar driven CO2 conversion to fuels.

Of late much of the research has been focused on solving the problem of how do we provide clean drinking water to the world's population?

To address this extremely complex issue NIBEC is leading the EPSRC – UKRI GCRF Safewater Project.

It seeks to tackle a global challenge by looking at clean water solutions and the development of smart devices to quickly tell if water is safe to drink.

It is a transdisciplinary research centre of excellence bringing together expertise from Ulster University, the University of Medellin (Colombia), the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) along with NGO’s Centro de Ciencia y Tecnolog√≠a de Antioquia (Colombia), and Fundacion Cantaro Azul (Mexico), who are already working with, and trusted by, the local people.

The centre has been established through £4.9m funding, which is provided by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Research Councils UK.

Get more information on the Safe Water website.