Students with Disabilities - Emergency Evacuations

The Library aims to make all stock and services readily available to all registered users. There is an on-going commitment to review the library needs of users with disabilities and introduce improvements where appropriate.

Please familiarise yourself with the exits and emergency fire exits shown on notices and floor plans in the libraries you use. Always assume that the alarm signal is genuine. The fire alarm is the continuous sounding of a two-tone siren along with flashing red lights on every floor.

Everyone should vacate the library quickly by going to the nearest exit immediately and ask others to give you any help you need on the staircase and through the doors.  Lifts must not be used to get out of the building in an emergency.

All registered students with a mobility disability which would prevent them from taking part fully in the University evacuation procedures will have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (arranged through the Student Support disability Services). This includes information on Library usage and the use of designated Refuge Areas where it is safe to wait for further instructions or help.

These procedures are intended to be used when you are not at ground floor level at the time of an emergency evacuation. If you require further information or feel that you require a Personal Evacuation Plan please contact Student Support disability services.

If you are a visitor to the library with a mobility disability which means you cannot use the stairs in an emergency you should contact library staff for advice.