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James Fleming

BSc Hons Geography

Studying Geography made this decision easy for me.  I wanted to explore another country and experience a different way of life. Montanta State was my perfect match.  An outdoor environment, next to the coast, mountains everywhere and great views.A The highlight for me was experiencing the academic differences between studying in the US compared to home.

Where I went

Montana State University


Full year – arrived August 16th, classes Aug 26th.

Memorable Moments

Academic – teaching style different than home, extra credit, feels like high school because of homework.

Different college life, everyone is positive compared to back home.

Personal – I got a girlfriend in Montana!

Staying until August and back to Belfast.

The Culture

Liked – positivity about homework, schoolwork, willingness to learn, back home no one wants to learn, hiking

Dislike – fraternities, bad reputation, college police weapon storage in dorm room.


Keeping in touch with family (7 hours ahead) getting homework school done and doing blog and explore. Keeping everything in check. No time to call family, once or twice every 2/3 weeks.

The Campus

So different – wide and spread out, different buildings with certain subjects, read hall, instead of Ulster which is smaller.

Making Friends

Yes – easy.

Travel to other places

LA, Canada, Banff and Calgary and glaciers, Wyoming and Montana, Yellowstone national park, North/South Dakota.

Advice to others

If you go to USA, save money! Pay for books, $300-400 per semester for books, course fees for trips per class.

Enjoy, don’t stay in your room and it’s different than home!

Top things to do

Yellowstone Hiking in the Bridger mountain range

Glacier national park

The beer – breweries in Montana in Boseman – you must be 21!

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James Fleming

Bozeman, MT

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BSc Hons Geography

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