Conor McKee - Ohio Wesleyan University, USA

Written by Conor Mckee, Law LLB, Study USA 2022/23.

14 Dec 2023   2 min read

Conor McKee - Ohio Wesleyan University, USA

Study USA programme 2022/23

“America was a transformative journey, blending cultural immersion, academic enrichment, and lifelong friendships, shaping me into a more open-minded and globally aware individual.”

Memories to share

Miami Spring Break was an experience I will never forget. The city of Miami was an adventure filled with great energy and stunning beaches. Going to my first NBA game watching Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers was a thrilling. Exploring South Beach, Wynwood and Little Havana Break left me with lasting memories of a vibrant and exhilarating experience.

Experiencing a new culture

I found the American culture to be great, the people I met were super energetic and outgoing. The biggest difference I found was most people drive big pick-up trucks and all my friends were very proud of their trucks.

Also, sports play a big role in American culture. I enjoyed regularly attending Ohio State football and lacrosse games with my friends.

Challenges and how to tackle them

One major challenge was adjusting to the academic differences and workload. I addressed this by seeking help from professors, joining study groups, and managing my time more efficiently.

Another challenge was homesickness, which I tackled by staying connected with family through regular calls and finding a support system among fellow international students.

Additionally, navigating a new culture presented communication barriers, but I overcame this by actively engaging in local activities and gradually improving my language skills.

Overall, facing challenges head-on and seeking support were key in overcoming obstacles during my time away.

Making friends

I made friends for life. Straight away I made friends on the swim team, in my classes. The students at my school were super friendly and easy to approach. I definitely recommend putting yourself out there and introduce yourself to new people.

Everyone is in the same boat and wants to make new friends so don’t be afraid. Find people with similar interests to you through sports or societies and you should be fine adjusting to a new social circle.

Travelling while abroad

During my time away, I travelled to various places, including experiencing the New Year's Eve ball drop in New York. I explored Washington State, extensively toured Ohio, visited Kentucky and West Virginia, and made two trips to Florida: once for spring break in Miami and later for a swim training camp. I also travelled to Vermont for a Ski trip.


When you get there, connect with other international students – you'll make some great friends from places all over the world. I recommend saying "yes" to everything (within reason). You won't regret grabbing every opportunity that comes your way.