Chaudhary Hamza Riaz - Common Purpose, Global Leadership Programme, Dublin

Written by Chaudhary Hamza Riaz, Law with Politics and International Studies, Common Purpose, Global Leadership Programme 2024.

14 Mar 2024   2 min read

Chaudhary Hamza Riaz - Common Purpose, Global Leadership Programme, Dublin

Global Leadership Programme – Dublin 2024

“My mobility experience was a dynamic blend of cultural immersion, academic exploration, and personal growth, fostering lasting connections and unforgettable adventures.”

Memorable moments

The most memorable experience during the program was my visit to the Irish Council for Anti Racism and St Andrews Resource Centre. Engaging with counsellors and delving into discussions on advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals provided a firsthand understanding of the complexities of societal challenges. It was a poignant and eye-opening experience that reinforced the significance of empathy, agility, and influence in navigating real-world issues.


Participating in the Dublin Global Leader Experience revealed striking similarities in the universal importance of leadership competencies such as empathy, agility, and influence. The shared acknowledgement of global challenges, particularly in the context of climate change and economic instability, transcended cultural and geographical boundaries.

However, notable differences emerged in cultural perspectives and the local contexts of diverse cities, influencing approaches to resilience and inclusion. The Human-Centred Design approach stood out as a common thread, emphasizing the need for diverse perspectives in problem-solving. Overall, the programme illuminated the interconnected nature of global challenges while highlighting the importance of context-specific solutions and cultural sensitivity in leadership and societal problem-solving.

Challenges during the programme

Adapting to a fast-paced programme with diverse participants and viewpoints initially posed a challenge, as it required quick acclimatization to different communication styles and working methods. Overcoming this involved active listening, seeking common ground, and appreciating the richness of diverse perspectives.

Additionally, addressing complex societal challenges during visits to organizations like the Irish Council for Anti Racism demanded a delicate approach. Open dialogue, empathy, and a commitment to understanding different viewpoints proved essential in fostering constructive conversations.

Making friends

Meeting new people and building connections during the Dublin Global Leader Experience was both enriching and, at times, challenging. The diverse group of participants from Ulster and TU Dublin brought unique perspectives, making every interaction an opportunity for learning.

While the structured program activities facilitated initial introductions, making lasting connections required proactive engagement and open communication. The shared commitment to addressing global challenges provided a common ground, making it easier to bond over shared goals.

However, the brief duration of the program posed a challenge in establishing deep connections. Despite this, the experience reinforced the importance of stepping out of comfort zones, initiating conversations, and appreciating the richness that diverse backgrounds bring to collaborative endeavours.


For students considering studying abroad, my advice is to embrace cultural diversity, step out of your comfort zone, and actively build connections with locals and fellow international students. Balance your time between academic responsibilities and cultural exploration, learning from challenges as opportunities for growth.

Document your experiences to reflect on your journey and share it with others. Respect local customs, stay connected with home, and approach the experience with an open heart and mind. Studying abroad is a transformative adventure that, when approached with curiosity and adaptability, can be one of the most enriching chapters in your educational journey.