Cost of Living

Funding a place at university is one of the most important considerations for all students. In addition to Northern Ireland being one of the most economical regions in the UK to live, we also offer highly competitive tuition fees together with the most affordable student accommodation in the UK.

More for your money

Northern Ireland is one of the most affordable UK regions in which to live and study. In addition to low fees, Ulster’s high-quality student accommodation is some of the best-priced in the UK.

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Fees & Finance

Our tuition fees are some of the lowest in the UK, beginning at a very affordable £14,060 for most undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

To help spread the cost of your studies, tuition fees can be paid back in five monthly instalments while you learn.

Fees & Finance information is available from our finance department.

Flexible Payment

To help spread the cost of your studies, tuition fees can be paid in five monthly instalments while you learn.

Payment can only be paid in pounds sterling (£GBP).

Scholarships & Discounts

We have a number of scholarships and discounts exclusively for international students.

When you receive an offer for your course, you may be eligible for an automatic annual scholarship of £2,000 applied as discount to your tutition fee.

Check out our range of discounts and scholarship options.

Cost of Living

Northern Ireland is the most affordable region in the UK to live, work and study.

This is reflected in the low cost of living for international students who want to experience the UK university experience at an affordable level.

Below is a guide to what you can expect to spend each week as a student at Ulster University:

Expenditure (per week)£GBP
University Accommodation £70 (starting from)
Food / Groceries £50
Utilities included in accommodation
General Expenses (socialising etc.) £30--£50
Travel £10 (depending on campus)

Affordable Accommodation

Did you know that Belfast is the cheapest major city in the UK for rented student accommodation – over £35 per week less than the national average?

Our accommodation is well priced, clean, comfortable and modern. We offer 2,200 places across and nearby all four of our campuses to cater for every budget and taste.