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Belfast in Comparison to London*

  • Belfast consumer prices (including rent) are 43.1% cheaper than London
  • Restaurant prices in Belfast are 12.7% cheaper than London
  • Groceries prices in Belfast are 21.4% cheaper than London

* 2023

Student Cost of Living - Guidelines

Northern Ireland has the lowest student cost of living in the UK* National Student Money Survey 2023.

Below is an outline of what you can expect to spend as an international student living in Northern Ireland.

As a guide, we estimate you should allow a sum in the region of £5,500 - £7,500 to cover your expenses for one academic year.

Please note for UKVI 2021 requirements, students will be asked to evidence £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses outside London. Total cost £9,207 (

Ulster University Accommodation

Costs for Ulster University accommodation
Item Cost (£GBP)
Belfast campus  
(single room, private ensuite bathroom)
From £133 per week
Coleraine campus
(single, private ensuite bathroom)
From £131 per week
Derry~Londonderry campus
(single room, shared bathroom)
From £95 per week
Utilities £0
(included in the above price)
Booking fee £100
(one-off payment)

Private Accommodation

Costs for private accommodation
Item Cost (£GBP)
Average monthly rent
(*Unipol – Accommodation Costs Survey, 2021)
£145 per week*
Utilities (gas, electricity etc)

£35 - £80 per month*
(*Utilities such as gas and electricity can vary depending on size of household)

Living Expenses

Costs of living expenses
Item Cost (£GBP)
Food / groceries / takeaways £45 per week
Personal expenses £35 - £50 per week
(depending on social life)
(can also be borrowed from UU library)
£5 per week
(costs vary depending on programme of study and modules chosen)
Phone £5 per week
Travel £5 per week
(depending on campus)
UU Gym Membership £4 - £6 per week
Cinema Ticket £5 - £7

Affordable Accommodation

Did you know that Northern Ireland has the lowest student rent in the UK?* National Student Accommodation Survey 2023.

Our accommodation is well priced, clean, comfortable and modern. We offer 2,200 places across and nearby all three of our campuses to cater for every budget and taste.

Flexible Payment

To help spread the cost of your studies, tuition fees can be paid in three instalments during the academic year.  This would be a payment at the time of enrolment and then two further instalments during the year.