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We recognise that learning does not stop when you leave formal education, and we work with employers to understand organisation and individual learning and training needs.

We want to develop collaborative partnerships which provide long- term benefits to you and your employees.

We can support you in achieving your organisational objectives through:

  • Accrediting in House Training Programmes

    As an employer you need to ensure that whatever you invest in training, both in terms of time and money, gives you an appropriate return. Accrediting your training will ensure that this is the case.

    Accrediting your training with an established higher education provider like the Ulster University can have far reaching benefits for your organisation.

    For Further Information: EBTA Brochure for Employers

  • Tailored Learning Solutions

    We can work with you to develop training and education to address a skills gap or a specific business need. This can be anything from a short course for your employees or a three year degree specific to your organisation.


    • Programme tailored to your needs
    • Developed at a level which suits your employees
    • Can be offered in a way which suits the organisational requirements; day release, evenings, online, blended, or workplace delivery

    Please contact us  to discuss your needs.


  • Employee Continuing Professional Development

    Professional development is important to both your business and your employees to ensure skills are kept up to date, employees feel valued and business is more innovative and effective.

    At Ulster University, we can discuss your employee requirements and identify existing programmes which suit their professional development needs or create short courses to ensure both your organisational and employee objectives can be met.

    Professional Development Short Courses

    For further information or to discuss your organisational needs, please contact our team

  • Degree Apprenticeships

    Degree apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain a full bachelor's degree (Level 6) or master’s degree (Level 7) whilst in employment.

    Designed in partnership with employers, part-time study takes place at a university or college, with the rest of the time being with the employer. They can take between three to six years to complete, depending on the course level.

    If you are an employing organisation interested in developing a degree apprenticeship please contact: