Socio Economic Models for Sustainable Futures Conference 2023


We hosted our first Sustainability Research Conference in May 2023 in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action (SECA). This event brought together academic researchers, members of the public, and those from non-academic organisations to encourage collaboration between disciplines and institutions and showcase research related to sustainability and climate action.


We were delighted to have Brendan Curran, a Senior Policy Fellow in Sustainable Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, as the keynote speaker. The conference showcased a total of twelve presentations, with eight from Ulster University and four from Queen’s University Belfast. Presentation topics included: the intentions-actions gap, alternative organisational forms, sustainability and leadership, the environment and peacebuilding, sustainable finance, sustainability and business communications, innovation in sustainable transitions, and the political economy of sustainable futures.


With a notable turnout of 78 attendees, the success of this research event has inspired us to plan a second conference, scheduled for May 2024. Comments about the 2023 event were as follows:

“Well done to this first event of its kind. It is remarkable how many connection points exist between disciplines. We ought to build on this success.”

“I particularly liked the wide range of presentations and the interdisciplinary nature of the event.”

“Seeing the vast differences between business and political perspectives on the climate and ecological crisis was what I particularly enjoyed about this event”.


Dr Stuart Henderson