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Ulster University Business School’s credentials and experience across business education are evident for all to see.

It currently welcomes some 5,300 students across its three campuses – Belfast, Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry – with a workforce of 140 academic and 40 professional service staff.

And aside from its widespread undergraduate work, the Ulster University Business School (UUBS) is forging its place as a leader in educating some of our own leaders in business, from junior level, to middle management and right up to chief executives and managing directors from across the sectors.

Professor Mark Durkin is the executive dean of Ulster University Business School and has been with the university since 1996.

In line with the university’s strategy of ‘People, Place and Partnership: Delivering Sustainable Futures for All’, the Business School drives and supports individual, company and economic potential. Much of its work with students and in business directly empowers future and current employees and invests in talent across diverse sectors. The team nurtures longstanding partnerships with business across curriculum development, visiting professorships, internships and placements and rewarding graduate employment.

Commenting on Northern Ireland’s business environment, Mark says:

We have a role to play in supporting our business community to thrive in a region and place with such a unique SME economy, through our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes but also our research, including analysis by the Economic Policy Centre. With a full range of business programmes we’re committed to being a progressive provider of entrepreneurial education in the UK and Ireland. It’s about creating and developing value – it’s about seeing opportunities within challenges and being able to convert that into value.

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