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A partnership between Ulster University Business School and award-winning global marketing agency Marvel Marketers has provided Ulster University students with an exciting opportunity to participate in an innovative digital marketing bootcamp. The bootcamp is the first in a series offered through the partnership between Ulster University and Marvel Marketers, which recently opened an office in Belfast.

Taking place earlier this month, the first bootcamp was delivered online, enabling students to enhance current academic studies from home - a timely learning approach in light of the unfortunate COVID-19 situation. Students participating in the course have been equipped with an understanding of the practicalities of applying digital marketing techniques required in the marketing profession.

Darryl Cummins, Head of Department in UUBS, said,

“The bootcamp was an ideal opportunity for Ulster University students to combine their studies with practical, hands-on experience of the fundamentals of the marketing automation platform Marketo. Students were able to gain knowledge and learn all of the technical terms, techniques, and best practices that go into building relationships between organisations and their target audiences, with a view to increasing engagement and maximizing return on investment.”

During the bootcamp students were informed of several examples of how Marvel Marketers has used Marketo to generate success for its clients, including Fortune 100 companies and global brands.

The offer of an online bootcamp saw a great take up of over 70 students who seized the opportunity to develop themselves out of the usual classroom environment. International student Rikin Burse explained:

“This course shows you a core part of the business and you get to see what it’s all about. They shared a lot of inside tips, along with each and every part of Marketo.”

The partnership has allowed Ulster University Business School to take an otherwise difficult situation for students and give newfound opportunities and understanding to learners.

Oliver McKinnon, a student of the course, commented on his experience:

“I didn’t have a clue about any of it, but in the first 10 minutes, everyone was asking questions, and I got into the rhythm. Getting to actually do the work was really good.  You get to do it yourself, which is something that you can’t get from watching a YouTube video. When I heard about the opportunity I quickly jumped in, I knew it would look good on my resume.”

“Officially kicking off our partnership is exciting, and the timing is even more rewarding. We’re honoured to have given Ulster University’s students a chance to augment their studies from home during this time of uncertainty,” said Wasif Khan, Marvel Marketers’ COO.

The strategic partnership between Ulster University Business School and Marvel Marketers aims to help inspire and educate the next generation of marketing experts by bringing the latest trends and techniques to academia in Northern Ireland.