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This month we celebrated our staff and students from Healthcare science and Health physiology who are world leaders in education, research and clinical work in this field.

Dr Cathal Breen is a HCPC registered Clinical Scientist specialist in the areas of diagnostic cardiology, specifically structural abnormalities of the heart using diagnostic imaging methods and heart rhythm abnormalities utilising electrophysiological techniques. His research focuses on innovative cardiology practice.

Specifically, his work involving electrocardiography interpretation, acquisition and diagnosis permeates across the themes of pedagogy and clinical practice. He is currently leading on research evaluating epicardial adipose tissue and atrial fibrillation incidence, which is the most common arrhythmia diagnosed in adult populations across the world.  We are evaluating investigating methods to modify adipose tissue around the heart and its effect on the burden of atrial fibrillation.

Find out more about Dr Breen and other research in the school by visiting the web pages within our School of Health Sciences.