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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way in which many of us go about our lives. The pandemic shaped our current work practices, impacted our physical activity and placed many sport and leisure organisations in operational and financial peril.

At Ulster University’s School of Sport, we have long created and disseminated knowledge around the sport and physical activity industries and in doing so prepared many graduates for exciting career opportunities. But how will we prepare ourselves and our students and partners for this changed reality?

On Wednesday the 8th of February 2023 we invite you to join us online for a webinar by Visiting Professors from Irish and British Sport, who as part of a panel discussion will reflect on their experiences during the pandemic to explore the future of careers in Sport and Physical Activity.

Panel members

  • Patrick Nelson, CEO, Irish FA
  • Larry McCarthy, President, GAA
  • Professor Catherine Woods, Chair in Physical Activity and Health, University of Limerick


BBC Sport Editor Mr Neil Brittain

Event info

This event has ended

Wednesday 8 February

6pm to 7pm

Ulster University, School of Sport