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This huge financial burden presents one of the most important challenges to community resources. Last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a clinical report that summarises the body of evidence that has developed over the past 12 years for effective interventions.

Behavioral interventions are “very, very important,” co-author Susan Levy said. This conclusion is reflected in the fact that ALL states in the USA have enacted new legislation to ensure Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is available to children under their health insurance. Given the current crisis in the N. Ireland community where funding for ABA has not been forthcoming for children, Prof Mickey Keenan and Dr Stephen Gallagher from  the School of Psychology have received seed funding through the Civic Contribution Through Educational Outreach (Widening Access and Participation) Scheme to run parenting classes in ABA. These classes will be tailored to the needs of parents and will be delivered across the Belfast, Magee, and Coleraine Campuses.

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Saturday 15 February

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School Of Psychology