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About the Labour Market Intelligence Portal

Ulster University Economic Policy Centre have developed a Labour Market Intelligence Portal designed to track the health of the Northern Ireland economy on a wide range of indicators, for example:

  • employment
  • unemployment
  • economic inactivity
  • workforce jobs
  • hours worked
  • earnings
  • industry sector
  • occupation

Bespoke Indicators

The portal also includes many bespoke indicators, not published in headline statistical releases, for example:

  • underemployment
  • real unemployment
  • spare capacity
  • job separations
  • non-standard employment
  • disability

Dashboard Features

The dashboards include:

  • trends over time
  • trends across different characteristics (e.g. age, gender, qualification level)
  • comparisons with other UK regions

The portal is updated regularly with the latest labour market information and will continue to be developed more broadly to add further thematic dashboards, as well as assist the development of associated short discussion papers.