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There are 3 statements which fall under the Act category, these are:

  • I am ready to start applying for jobs or further study
  • I have been applying for opportunities and so far, I have not been successful
  • I am interested in working for myself

There are many resources, activities and events that can support you in actively seeking work experience, placement, internship and graduate opportunities.

Recruitment Events & Careers Fairs

Attend recruitment events and speak to employer representatives, you can find out about these events by checking out Handshake Events and also student recruitment websites such as Target JobsProspects and GradIreland.

Applying for Opportunities

Employability & Careers can support you in applying for opportunities by using some of our tools and resources:

You can find some useful resources when it comes to applying for Opportunities within the Digital Learning Hub and why not check out our EDGE activities which are a great way to develop the skills and competencies that many employers are looking for.

Remember to always seek feedback if you are unsuccessful - this can really support future applications.

Applying for Jobs on Handshake
Introducing Vmock CV Builder

Professional & Employer Networking Events

You can attend Employer and Professional Networking events and activities to grow and widen your connections and networks, this can be done by getting involved in:

Self-Employed and Enterprise Opportunities & Events

If you have an idea or your are interested in starting up your own business, Ulster University along with the UUSU can support you bring these ideas to life with UUStart or Start-up ProgrammeYou can even think about self-employment, consultancy or freelance opportunities as part of your placement year experience.  You can also find out about self-employment through NI Government Support.

Seek Advice

Seek the support of an industry expert or alumni mentor who can coach you on various aspects of job-search and career planning. If you need support in planning your work experience, placement, internship or graduate opportunity remember to book a career guidance appointment.

Introduction to Networking webinar
Introduction to the Start-Up Programme