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The university's liabilities 

Users are warned that University Car Parks are extremely busy places and are used by a great number of people. The University Car Parks are open to everyone wishing to visit the University and they are very difficult to supervise. The University cannot, therefore, guarantee the security of users' vehicles or their contents. Car Parks are used at the vehicle owners own risk.

Complaints procedure

Should your vehicle suffer damage whilst in the Car Park or should you lose the vehicle or any of your possessions from the vehicle while it is in the Car park you are requested to:

  • Immediately inform a member of University Security Staff of the occurrence
  • In cases of theft, immediately inform the Police
  • Notify your insurers promptly

Securing Your Vehicle

Please ensure that before you leave the Car Park:

  • Your vehicle is securely locked
  • That all the windows of your vehicle are securely closed
  • That your parking ticket is not left in the vehicle


Users are also advised that wherever possible they should take their possessions with them when they leave their vehicles, but if they have to leave possessions in their vehicle, they should either place them in a locked boot or hide them from view.

Courtesy to others

If you damage the property of a Third Party you are requested to report the incident immediately to a member of the University's Security Staff and supply the registration number of the vehicles concerned.

Safety in the car park

Users are asked to drive carefully and obey the directional signs in the University's Car Parks. After a vehicle has been parked, users and their passengers are asked to make their way to the nearest exit and proceed to the nearest footpath for onward access to their destination within the University.

On returning to their vehicle, users are to proceed on the footpaths taking them back to the car park where they parked their vehicle.


A ticket, top up card or permit does not entitle the user, unless otherwise specified, to any particular space in the Car Park or to priority over any other users.

The University reserves the right to refuse egress to any vehicle except on the production of a parking ticket, top up card or permit until it has made such enquiries, as it considers reasonable. Failure to promptly produce your ticket, top up card or permit will therefore delay your departure.

Users who cannot produce their parking ticket, top up card or permit on departure will be charged full daily tariff rate.


Every person who enters into a contract with the University for the parking of a vehicle in a Car Park, whether by purchasing a permit, ticket, or otherwise, does so on behalf of himself/herself and all other persons having any proprietary possessory or other financial or material interest in the vehicle and its contents.

Moving and relocating vehicles

The University reserves the right to move a vehicle within the Car Park by driving, towing or otherwise to such extent as the University, it servants or agents, may in their discretion think necessary to avoid obstruction or for the more efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the Car Park.

The University additionally reserves the right, where the Car Park has to be closed, permanently or temporarily, in whole or in part, or has to be evacuated in cases of emergency, to remove any vehicle at any time to any other reasonably convenient Car Park within the control of the University.

To the extent that it may be necessary to do so in the exercise of its rights conferred upon the University under this condition, the University, its staff or agents shall have the right to drive, tow or otherwise take the vehicle on the public highway.

Liens (Abandoned Vehicles)

Every motor vehicle, together with accessories and equipment or any articles contained in or on the vehicle, is only received subject to a lien for all the University's charges accrued and accruing, such lien to be in existence whenever the vehicle is in the University's possession, notwithstanding that it may previously, from time to time, have been removed out of the University's possession. When any amount due to the University is not satisfied within 28 days from the date upon which the University gives notice to a registered owner at their last known address, the motor vehicle may be sold and the proceeds of sale applied towards satisfying all sums owing, together with the expenses of the sale and in connection with such sale. The University shall be entitled to charge the reasonable or usual selling commission (including garage charges) whilst the vehicle is in the University's possession.


Parking fees for University staff/students shall be set out in the then current University's Car Parking Operational Policy. Visitors' parking fees shall be as displayed on the tariff board at the Car Park.

Prohibited activities  

No vehicle shall be towed into the Car Park and no work on or cleaning of vehicles by users or their agents shall be done in the Car Park.

No activity in connection with the selling, hiring or other disposal of the vehicle shall be carried out in the Car Park.

Entry and use of the Car Park is subject to the University Car Parking Operational Policy for the University.

Any members of staff or students discovered to be abusing the system will have their permit withdrawn and their card removed from the system. They may not be eligible for any further permit. If you forget your proximity card there is no alternative other than to take a hourly/daily ticket and pay the calculated tariff for that visit/day. There is no way to obtain entry/exit other than using a permit/proximity card or hourly/daily tickets and credit/debit cards.

If a scheme member takes a ticket on entry there is no alternative other than to pay the tariff due for that visit/day.  Staff have been instructed not to grant a free exit in these circumstances.

All drivers must be in possession of a relevant, valid driving licence for the vehicle they are driving.

All vehicles and drivers must be covered by relevant and adequate insurance at all times.

All vehicle owners should note that the Driver and Vehicle Agency Enforcements Section have legislative authority to visit campuses without notice and take enforcement action against vehicles not in possession of a valid vehicle road fund licence.


"The University" shall mean Ulster University whose principal office is at Ulster University, Coleraine Campus, Cromore Road, COLERAINE, BT52 1SA but where the Car Park is managed or operated by a subsidiary Company include that subsidiary Company.

"Vehicle" shall mean the vehicle, which is received into the Car Park and shall include any mechanical device on wheels or tracks, its equipment and accessories.

By definition the word "User" shall include any Company Limited or otherwise person or persons who have entered or who are entering the University's campuses and shall include the servants, employees, agents, contractors, licensees and any person authorised or appearing to be authorised to act on behalf of or represent such Limited Company or otherwise person or persons to drive or have control of the vehicles.

Registered disabled parking spaces

Any vehicle parked in a disabled space on campus and not displaying a valid registered disabled blue badge on the dashboard of their vehicle will be clamped.


Any vehicle caught tailgating out of campus, will be clamped on return to any campus and a fine of £100.00 payable. Tailgating is where a vehicle closely follows the preceding vehicle through an entrance/exit barrier without presenting a valid pass or ticket.