Wo/men's Network

Wo/men's Network

A network of women and men collaborating to build a community and develop relationships that recognise, celebrate and collectively advocate for opportunities which enable women to fulfil their potential.

Our Goals for 2021 and Beyond...

  • 1 policy that supports women in their careers
  • 10 senior leadership female champions
  • 100 men committing to be allies
  • 100 positive career choices
  • 1000 Wo/men's Network members

About us

Through respectful collaboration and genuine relationships, the network aims to see all people flourish and effectively contribute to the community and culture of the University as well as to wider Northern Irish society and beyond.

Mission Statement

‘Women & Men (Wo/men) collaborating to enable women to fulfil their potential.’


To provide a supportive and collegiate space to:

  • Build relationships and connections across the University.
  • Encourage personal and professional learning and development.
  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of women.
  • Collectively advocate for and influence change.

Wo/men's Network on your campus

Each Ulster University campus has a dedicated Wo/men's Network steering group responsible for organising a programme of events. For more information on events please contact womensnetwork@ulster.ac.uk.


A mentoring scheme is available through the network.

Full guidelines on the approach to the mentoring is available but key points to note are:

  • Mentoring through the network is informal and cross-institutional, enabling relationships to be developed across job grades, categories, roles and genders.
  • Mentoring is of mutual benefit to both mentor and mentee.
  • It is intended that a mentor should only have one mentee.
  • The nature of the mentoring relationship should be agreed between mentor and mentee but should not be onerous to either party.

If you would like to have a mentor or be a mentor, please contact womensnetwork@ulster.ac.uk

Wo/men's Network Champions

Jenny Pyper

Jenny Pyper

Ulster University Council (Pro-Chancellor & Chair of Council).

View Profile

Professor Karise Hutchinson

Provost (Coleraine)

School/Department Department of Global Bus. & Enterprise

Campus   Coleraine
Room   H234

Professor Raffaella Folli

Provost (Jordanstown and Belfast)

School/Department School of Communication and Media

Campus   Belfast
Room   BA-02-020

Professor Malachy O'Neill

Provost (Magee)

School/Department The Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office

Campus   Coleraine
Room   MI105

Janet Peden

University Librarian & Deputy Chief Digital and Information Officer

School/Department Library Directorate

Campus   Coleraine
Room   H303

Amanda Castray

Director of Campus Life

School/Department Campus Life

Campus   Belfast
Room   BD-03-027

Geoff Gillan

Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing

School/Department Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Campus   Coleraine
Room   J808

Karen Delgado

Head of Corporate Engagement

School/Department Corporate Engagement

Campus   Belfast
Room   BA-02-017

Aileen Moore

Interim Director of Student Administration

School/Department Student Administration

Campus   Belfast
Room   X019