Wo/men's Network

Wo/men's Network

A network of women and men collaborating to build a community and develop relationships that recognise, celebrate and collectively advocate for opportunities which enable women to fulfil their potential.

Our Goals for 2021 and Beyond...

  • 1 policy that supports women in their careers
  • 10 senior leadership female champions
  • 100 men committing to be allies
  • 100 positive career choices
  • 1000 Wo/men's Network members

Wo/men's Network on your campus

Each Ulster University campus has a dedicated Wo/men's Network steering group responsible for organising a programme of events. For more information on events please contact womensnetwork@ulster.ac.uk.

Wo/men's Network Champions

Professor Karise Hutchinson

Provost (Coleraine)

School/Department Department of Global Bus. & Enterprise

Campus   Coleraine
Room   H234

Professor Raffaella Folli

Provost (Jordanstown and Belfast)

School/Department School of Communication and Media

Campus   Belfast
Room   BA-02-020

Professor Malachy O'Neill

Provost (Magee)

School/Department The Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office

Campus   Coleraine
Room   MI105

Janet Peden

University Librarian & Deputy Chief Digital and Information Officer

School/Department Library Directorate

Campus   Coleraine
Room   H303

Amanda Castray

Director of Campus Life

School/Department Campus Life

Campus   Belfast
Room   BD-03-027

Geoff Gillan

Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing

School/Department Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Campus   Coleraine
Room   J808

Karen Delgado

Head of Corporate Engagement

School/Department Corporate Engagement

Campus   Belfast
Room   BA-02-017

Aileen Moore

Interim Director of Student Administration

School/Department Student Administration

Campus   Belfast
Room   X019