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A pioneering partnership between Ulster University and NUI Galway, two of the UNESCO Chairs on the island of Ireland

This Programme drew upon the knowledge and expertise of researchers from a wide range of disciplines on issues affecting children and youth.  Intended for those those working with, or on behalf of, children and youth, the Programme aimed to contribute to improving the lives of children and youth throughout the island of Ireland.

This research was made possible through partnership with Atlantic Philanthropies.

Special Report 1 - A Rights-Based Approach to Monitoring Children and Young People's Well-Being

Special Report 2 - Understanding Policy Development and Implementation for Children and Young People

Special Report 3 - Reviewing the Provision of Education for Young People in Detention: Rights, Research and Reflections on Policy and Practice

Special Report 4 - Capacity Building for Inclusion: The Role and Contribution of Special Needs Assistants and Classroom Assistants in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Special Report 5 - Education for Civic Engagement in Post Primary Schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland: A Rights Perspective

Special Report 6 - Maternal Mental Health and Poverty: The Impact on Children's Education Outcomes