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Transforming Education in Northern Ireland

To date the UNESCO Centre has completed more than 40 research and development projects.

Below is a thematic overview of our work, including our major research projects.

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International Development, Education, Conflict & Peacebuilding

Learn about our work with UNICEF and other partners.

Integrated Education

Research focused on segregation of schooling, integrated and shared education in Northern Ireland.


Our work regarding Citizenship Education.

The Children and Youth Programme

A series of special reports on young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Academic Selection

Evaluations of academic selection in Northern Ireland.

History Teaching, Peacebuilding and Controversial Issues

The role of history teaching in discussing difficult topics.

Community Relations

Our local work in Northern Ireland's divided society.

Transforming Education

The purpose of this project is to stimulate debate among teachers, educationalists, decision-makers and the wider public.

Profiling SEN and Disability in NI Using Education and Social Data

This research used educational and social data to explore Special Educational Needs in NI and the relationship between SEN and disability relative to wider socio-economic influences.