Jessica McElhone

Transitional Justice Institute
 Picture of Jessica   McElhone

Jessica McElhone graduated from Ulster University in 2016 with a BSc degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Her dissertation ‘An Evolution of Policing and Community Safety at Interface areas in North Belfast’ was awarded Best in Year 2015/16 prize. During a three-year period, she was actively involved with the Students Union as both student and senior representative for her course. Jessica has also obtained the Ulster University Edge Excel Award. This enabled participation in the Tutoring in School’s Programme, a 12-week teaching placement in a primary school that provided mathematical support to males who were categorised as underachieving in the subject area.

Following this she completed her first year in the LLM Gender, Conflict and Human Rights at the Transitional Justice Institute. Prior to this, Jessica was also a founding member of a women’s outreach project that delivered support services and worked closely with other relevant local agencies. More recently she has attended conferences as a volunteer with the Human Rights Consortium and the Research Society for Terrorism.

The PhD thesis will employ empirical, comparative research to develop an evaluative framework to analyse the effectiveness of asset return initiatives on victims of grand corruption with incorporation of restitution and non-recurrence.

A key principle of the research will be to adopt a socio-legal approach for identifying victims of corruption and aim to apply the concept of transitional and transformative justice to enhance and strategically support the process of asset return.

Project title - A Critical Analysis: Applying the paradigms of Transitional and Transformative justice to assist victims of grand corruption.