Working in Research at Ulster University

Tim Brundle, Director of Research and Innovation, discusses working in research at Ulster:

"The new Research and Innovation Strategy recognises that our emphasis needs to be on our people. Our Strategy focuses on creating a stronger, more collaborative community of researchers, innovators and  entrepreneurs who can help put our research to work on behalf of economic development.

As signatories to the Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers, our research strategy echoes our ambition to enable our early career researchers to engage in world leading research and progress through the University to provide leadership for research in the future.

You are part of building a truly world class open and supportive research community. We are looking forward to building our research future together."

Tim Brundle – Director of Research and Innovation

Your Induction

The self-led induction journey will provide you with the resources and support to get your research career at Ulster off to a great start.

All new academic and research staff are invited to our research information sessions which gives an overview of R&I and all the resources available to you.

In addition, you can work through four induction stages at your own pace. Each section will include a blend of learning and actions to complete, and webpages to explore.

Staff Induction Guide

This guide outlines the main features of your induction. It is intended to help you to settle into the University, understand what is expected of you, and help you to perform your new role successfully.

Line Manager Induction Toolkit

Local induction is an essential part of the induction programme that enables all staff in a new role, to settle into their work environment and become familiar with our ways of working and understand the requirements of their role.

Induction Colleague Guide

The purpose of an Induction Colleague is to help and support a member of staff to settle into their new role as easily and quickly as possible. Staff who have been selected by their line manager to be the Induction Colleague will find this guide helpful.

Research Support Services Handbook

Research Support Services Handbook

This Research Support Services Handbook signposts you to a range of training and resources available to research staff across the University.

Download the handbook

Wellbeing and Mental Health

The University is committed to providing a healthy, happy and purposeful environment that promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of all of our colleagues.

Courses on managing your health and wellbeing are regularly run and are accessible to all staff.

Find out more information on our Staff Wellbeing SharePoint.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing Advisors promote a culture of wellbeing across our campuses by providing advice and guidance to all members of staff and by engaging with employees who require wellbeing assistance.

Inspire Workplace

All employees have access to this free, confidential service (6 sessions). Whatever’s on your mind, you can call Inspire, completely free and confidentially, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Wellbeing Assessments

Campus Wellbeing facilitates Wellbeing Assessments for teams, schools and faculties across the University. Contact the Campus Wellbeing team if you are a research manager and you wish to run a Wellbeing Assessment in your area.

Policies and Procedures for Research Staff

Ulster University is committed to:

  • Upholding the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research.
  • Ensuring that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal, and professional frameworks, obligations, and standards.
  • Supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity and based on good governance, best practice, and support for the development of researchers.
  • Using transparent, timely, robust, and fair processes to deal with allegations of research misconduct should they arise.
  • Working together to strengthen the integrity of research and to review progress regularly and openly.
View Research Policies View People and Culture Policies
Returning Carers' Scheme

Returning Carers' Scheme

As part of Ulster University’s Athena Swan Action Plan (2017-2021), a Returning Carers’ Scheme (RCS) has been established to support all academic and research staff on return from extended leave (normally 4 months or more) for reasons connected to caring - such as:

  • adoption leave
  • additional paternity leave
  • maternity leave
  • leave to care for a dependant

The Scheme aims to assist the career and professional development of individuals affected by periods of leave for caring responsibilities.

The Scheme offers funds to support academic activity and build up the research profiles of those going on, or returning from, a period away from work.

Find out more about Returning Carers' Scheme

Researcher Recruitment Guidelines

Coming soon – new guidelines on best practice in Researcher Recruitment.