The Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is structured into four domains covering the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of researchers.

It sets out the wide-ranging knowledge, intellectual abilities, techniques and professional standards expected to do research, as well as the personal qualities, knowledge and skills to work with others and ensure the wider impact of research.

The Framework recognises that increasingly as researchers progress through their careers they will conduct research as part of a portfolio of responsibilities in which research may or may not be the main activity.

Explore some of the CPD opportunities available to research staff at Ulster here:

  • Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities

    Domain A: The knowledge, intellectual abilities and techniques to do research

    • IMPACT Development Series (Innovation and Impact team)
    • PURE (Research Performance team)
    • Research Mentoring Programme (Research Performance team)
    • OUTPUTS (Research Performance team)
    • Library and Database Familiarisation (Library Services)
    • Becoming a Mentor (Learn More @UU)
    • Systems Support and Training for PURE, SCOPUS, Researchfish, Orcid (Research Performance)
    • Open Access (Research Performance)
    • Open Research/OpenData (Research Performance)
    • Research Data Management (Research Performance)
    • Sustainable Development Goals (Research Performance)
    • Citations & Referencing (Research Performance)
  • Domain B: Personal effectiveness

    Domain B: The personal qualities and approach to be an effective researcher

    • Advancing your Research Career 10 module elearning course (People XD - LEARN section)
    • Aspiring Managers Programme (Learn More@ UU)
    • Engage: Great People Managers Programme (Learn More@ UU)
    • Lead Self: Bringing BRAVE to Life (Learn More @UU)
    • Orientation to Learning and Teaching at Ulster University (CHERP)
    • First Steps to Learning and Teaching at Ulster University (AFHEA) (CHERP)
    • 'Introduction to PhD Supervision at Ulster' (Doctoral College)
    • Personal resilience (Employee Wellbeing)
    • Stress Management (Employee Wellbeing)
    • Wellbeing and Mental Health (Employee Wellbeing)
    • Interview Skills (Learn More @UU)
  • Domain C: Research governance and organisation

    Domain C:  Knowledge of  the professional standards and requirements to do research

    • RIGOUR (Research Development team)
    • The REF (Research Performance team)
    • Workplace Health and Safety Mandatory Training (HSW)
    • Research Integrity (Research Governance)
    • Research and Consent Under the Human Tissue Act (2004) (Research Governance)
    • Data Protection ( Office of University Secretary)
    • Recruitment Practices - Research (Resourcing)
    • Ethics and Research Governance: An Introduction (Research Governance)
    • Ethics and Research Governance Drop-in Clinics (Research Governance)
    • Intellectual Property: What You Need to Know (Research Governance)
    • Introductory sessions on Research Development support and the application process
    • WorkTribe Pre-Award training (Research Development)
    • Fellowship sessions (Research Development)
    • 'How to get funded' (Research Development)
    • 'Preparing a first-time application' (Research Development)
    • 'Horizon Europe' application training (Research Development)
  • Domain D: Engagement, influence and impact

    Domain D: The knowledge and skills to work with others to ensure the wider impact of research

    • Putting the ME in TEAMS (Learn More@ UU)
    • Effective communication (Learn More@ UU)
    • Facilitating and Presenting on Online Platforms (Learn More@ UU)
    • Neurodiversity Awareness (EDI)
    • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Awareness (EDI)
    • Unconscious bias awareness (EDI)
    • Introduction to the transformed Athena Swan Charter (EDI)
    • Blackboard and digital teaching equipment (Digital Services)
    • Panopto (Digital Services)
    • Digital Capability Series (Digital Services)
    • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (EDI)
    • Bullying and Harassment Awareness (ER)