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We offer a selection of new idea/technology patents to license and take to market.

A selection of these can be found below, however we develop new ideas on a continual basis so please do get in touch if this is something you may be interested in.

Companies of all sizes as well as individual entrepreneurs can access an extensive portfolio of technologies and early stage ideas / concepts that are available for licencing or in some cases further collaborative development.

These technologies are at various stages of our stage gate development process and therefore we have created several licencing options ranging from Easy Access (free of charge) IP licences to full royalty bearing commercial licence arrangements.

We also offer exclusive and non-exclusive evaluation licences, and these allow for a suitable period of time to explore further the commercial potential of a particular technology.

You will have an option to negotiate commercial licence terms or simply let the evaluation licence expire and allow the technology to re-enter our portfolio for others to explore.

Available Technology Patents

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