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Work Package 2: Immersive Humanities

This work package extends our Creative Industries digital expertise to humanities research. Five research units identified related strategic plans within their REF2021 Unit Environment Statements for the next REF cycle. This work package enables the realisation of research impact via screen technologies.

WP2-1: Heritage Proof of Principle (PoP) fund enables (normally) one award of £5,000 in each academic year. It aims to extend the Faculty Creative Industries expertise to Humanities Research, aligning with Studio Ulster and related strategic projects. Outcomes are expected to include digital content which provides a pathway to impact collateral.

WP2-2: What if? Award encourages imaginative and ambitious visions for Impact. We aim to support normally one of these projects each year. Visions should strive for strategic impact pathways that seek a step-change in a particular sector or area of research.

WP2-3: Translational Seed fund provides mentorship from screen sector professionals to inform the researcher's plan for screen-based research impact outcomes and delivery.