World-leading and Internationally Excellent Research

World-leading and Internationally Excellent Research

Ulster University has been awarded £457,329 in the first round of Impact Acceleration accounts from the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC: AH/X003361/1). There were only 32 universities awarded AHRC IAAs, which received the most applications of any IAA competition.

This will allow the University to further demonstrate the benefits of Arts & Humanities research to society, culture, health and the economy. Six out of nine of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science Research Units were judged as 100% World-leading and Internationally Excellent in REF2021, with one Unit, ranked first in the UK for world-leading impact.

What is an Impact Acceleration Account?

What is an Impact Acceleration Account?

Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) are strategic awards provided to research organisations to allow them to respond to impact opportunities in more flexible, responsive and creative ways.

This Impact Acceleration Account builds upon key strengths within Ulster’s Arts & Humanities disciplines. Specifically expanding our research impact for Sustainable Peace, Medical Humanities and Design, Virtual Production and Heritage. It builds upon our consultancy activity across departments and shares our outstanding track record in Creative Industries Knowledge Exchange with other subject areas. It consolidates several collaborative agreements with external organisations.

The Future of Arts & Humanities Research Impact at Ulster

The Future of Arts & Humanities Research Impact at Ulster

The overall aim is to enrich our interdisciplinary research culture, sharing and growing best practices towards more diverse, deeper, and long-lasting impacts and subsequently; Extending research culture beyond the university sharing best practices with our research partners; Providing new space, time and opportunity for ambitious impact engagement, through three primary areas of focussed investment:

  1. Interdisciplinary Research: Expanding our applied research, indicitive of practice-based creative disciplines has the potential to extend or unlock different types of outputs that are inherently impactful.
  2. Screen-based and immersion: Much of our Faculty, University and Regional strategies focus on the Screen Industry. Potential exists to unlock new cultural artefacts from existing research, for example as films/TV programmes or immersive experiences for public engagement.
  3. Collaborative Policy engagement: Our Social Sciences subjects are strong in this regard and can mentor Arts & Humanities subjects to accelerate broader impacts including UN SDGs and UNESCO priorities.

To enable these engagements a detailed series of activities under the following five work packages:

Work Packages

Creative Space

Provides time and space in support of Research Impact activity.

Immersive Humanities

Where Creative Industries' expertise can enhance the reach and engagement of humanities research.

Humanising Healthcare

Advancing Medical Humanities and Design for Health Research Impact.

Research Impact Training

New to Research Impact? These supporting initiatives are for you.

AHRC funded symposia and Festivals of Creative Research

Engagement, reach and showcasing Research Impact excellence.